House 28, Road 4, Dhanmondi, Dhaka-1205, Bangladesh

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Message from the Chairperson

Marie Curie School has already produced some brilliant alumni who after having passed out of
this school with outstanding results at the international level have been placed in many
responsible public walks of life both at home and abroad. The central philosophy of Marie Curie
School (MCS) has been to uphold and practice the spirit of creative learning. The distinctive
features of the school have been the following:
1. MCS does believe in the philosophy for nurturing a child who is going to enter for the first
time into a school's friendly environment to discover things with fun and delight. It is the
school's challenge to make him/her explore the physical world around him/her.
2. MCS believes in bringing out the very best of the student's own understanding of things
instead of rote learning. Every child is a separate individual and should be encouraged to
express his or her opinions without fear and inhibitions.
3. MCS believes that education is not just the understanding of facts and figures only. The
ethical aspects of life and environment form a core consideration of the training imparted by
I still feel that the spirit of creative learning is yet to be broadly understood by the society. But
there is nothing to despair of. It takes time for the big ideas to be established. There are still
some barriers but these will disappear with MCS determination - "We shall overcome..."

I wish that Marie Curie School becomes a glorious chapter in the educational annals of
Professor Dr. M. Shamsher Ali Chairperson, Marie Curie School