House 28, Road 4, Dhanmondi, Dhaka-1205, Bangladesh

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Marie Curie School
Play Group – A Level

One Of The Best Schools In Town For Kids (PG to A level) Located in Dhanmondi, Dhaka.Why Choose Marie Curie School?The school is recognized by the Bangladesh Ministry of Education and Edexcel. We use English as the primary medium of instruction but place equal emphasis on Bangla.The results achieved by our students are exemplary- each year our students dominate the awards for highest achievers in the O Level nationwide. Our graduates go on to the most prestigious universities abroad as well as the best in higher education in Bangladesh.Our alumni have achieved all kinds of academic and professional heights in business and commerce, science, the arts and public services. At Marie Curie School we advocate the concept of “positive education”, which instills optimistic mindset among growing students. Students here are schooled with exclusive proficiencies, to be cultivated into distinct individuals with leadership abilities. With all our experience and well-designed systems, we are able to ensure a consistently high standard of education.Our students also develop skills outside the classroom through extracurricular activities. We provide numerous opportunities including participation in after-school programs, events, competitions and performances, debates, community service, leadership opportunities, international trips and sports. We provide excellent facilities such as custom-built campuses, spacious and comfortable classrooms, science labs, IT labs, libraries, cafeteria, bookshops comprar cialis 5 mg and air-conditioned classrooms. We care for each student as an individual. We provide personalized attention to our students through counseling and mentoring and guidance programs. We also conduct programs to brief students and parents about important pastoral issues such as healthy lifestyles, discipline and positive and ethical behavior. We maintain high standards in teaching through training and development. The school offers a caring and nurturing educational environment which provides each student with opportunities to develop artistically, emotionally, intellectually, morally, physically and socially to his or her fullest potential.Students are fostered to be critical and analytical thinkers, work collaboratively to solve problems, take and defend positions and opinions, and reflect on their learning. We also strive to create a harmonious balance between academic demands, sporting, and cultural activities and community life. The school encourages its pupils to be intellectually inquisitive and socially conscious as we believe that it is important for students to acquire both knowledge and the essential wisdom needed to balance their lives and attain the highest fulfillment.At Marie Curie School, we work towards building relationships, steering positive sentiments and developing individual resilience. We believe that youthful minds are pliable and thus we put forth our paramount efforts into nurturing our students towards being confident analytical thinkers and dynamic leaders.

A Centre for Creative Learning.